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over 1 year ago by Andy Wills

We thought we would write a short piece about flying a drone in the Lake District, particularly as the most scenic areas are under the guardianship of either the National Trust of National Parks Authority.

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Wyvern Announces Cinematic Aerospace as Newest EXACT Drone Safety Partner

over 1 year ago by Christian Tucci

Yardley, PA:  Wyvern, the global leader in manned and unmanned aviation safety, quality, and risk management, announced today that Cinematic Aerospace of Farmingdale, NY has agreed to undergo the EXACT safety, quality and risk management assessment for UAS operators.

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Discount Packages

over 1 year ago by Wilfredo Batista

Aerial Picture and Video Package

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What does your first drone video look like?

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

For most of us, when we start flying drones, our first videos are extremely exciting for us and might even get a nod from friends and family but really, they might be a bit boring for everyone else. Well, this is definitely not the case for Dmitry Bubonets... 

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Raw Concept

over 1 year ago by Tomasz Preficz

Feeling Thrilled being a part of the filming crew as Drone Operator in this production. The video has been Nominated for Best Advertisement London Fashion Film Festival 2016 with Film “Primavera” by Anamorphic 

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Capturing the Moment

over 1 year ago by Gregg Smith

Whether capturing the moment from the ground or the sky, you have to first understand the moment.  Filming has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I've always enjoyed capturing memories and moments on film.When the flying camera was introduced, I immediately wanted to venture into this new realm of filming technique.  Flying...

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Who is Marlijn?

over 1 year ago by Marlijn Franken

Marlijn Franken (1956) works and resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Earlier work as an independent fashion designer laid the foundation for Marlijn’s vibrant visual art.

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New Inspire 2

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

As the Phantom 4 Pro is all about enabling anyone to fly, the Inspire 2 is a much more specific tool for a very particular job in mind. The price tag and features certainly reflect that.

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New Phantom 4 Pro

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

The DJI live event in the last few hours saw the launch of the new Phantom 4 Pro and also of the Inspire 2. The sensor count per aircraft is getting a bit silly now! :D

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