New Phantom 4 Pro

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

The DJI live event in the last few hours saw the launch of the new Phantom 4 Pro and also of the Inspire 2. The sensor count per aircraft is getting a bit silly now! :D

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Ok so the P4 was a big step up from the P3, not so much on the image quality side of things but more on the user-friendliness and safety features. It basically made the P3 look old fashioned and blind compared to the "awareness" that the P4 gathers from its surroundings via a host of different sensors.

Well, looks like along with the industry incremental improvements in camera and image quality, the biggest set of features of the P4P compared to the P4 are yet again even more user-friendliness and even more safety features. Lets have a look at them:

The lens, which was the biggest differentiating feature between the P3 and the GoPro Hero4 (that old battle) just got even better on the P4P.

The new sensor covers more than 4 times the area!

Uses H.264 and H.265 which means now it record almost 100% more data per second.

And when it comes to sensitivity and range, the P4P will be an amazing tool to capture those epic shots in challenging light conditions.

So that's the camera. If that looks impressive check out the safety features.

In front, behind, on both sides and below the P4P is equipped with so many sensors that it can pretty much fly itself. Avoid obstacles, return to home in a clever way instead of just a straight line and even find out if a gap in the trees is big enough for it to fly through or not. I wonder why they didn't put sensors on the top... maybe the Inspire 2 took them all.

It remembers where it has been and builds a map of the world around it... :O 

Sounds like very interesting stuff could be done by computing the "surplus data" from the flights of millions of DJI aircraft and their airborne sensors from all over the world. For one it would be much cheaper than google street view to capture "the world".

The safety features are so many that's almost impossible to cover them all!

And likewise for the ways to control the drone. They are definitely becoming easier and more intuitive to fly but this is just next level! Will be for sure right up millennials' street!


Finally the controller. Interestingly enough comparing to the GoPro Karma, DJI has now created their own screens (CrystalSky) and in the case of the P4P you can have a controller with integrated screen. There should integrate especially well with all DJI products and be particularly good in bright situations.

That's it for the P4P, if we missed something important let us know on social media! :)

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