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DJI steps up Live Product Announcements

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

In the last few hours, DJI has yet again raised the bar with their live events, launching the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2, demoing them live in an unprecedented fashion. 

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Stick time or Shutter time?

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

As a novice starting out or a pro keeping their skills current, should you spend more time on your flying or on your camera?

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Pre-Release – DJI Inspire 2

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

As some of you may know, DJI has recently posted their new video ‘Every Story has an Experience’. Alongside this, images have also leaked suggesting that Inspire 2 will soon be released. Exciting times, right?!

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Five Things To Consider Before You Buy An UAV For Your Business

over 1 year ago by Darryl MacDonald

I wish to declare upfront that my company is in the business of providing professional aerial photography and cinematography services so you may consider me biased, but let me assure you that as you read on you will find my reasoning is sound.

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How we got here | Our story

over 1 year ago by Stuart Covey

I'm Stuart Covey the owner and pilot of Vantage Point Video.

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Harley Ellis Devereaux

over 1 year ago by Thad Donovan

Smith Donovan filmed the construction of a new student housing building at the University of Iowa. Congrats to Harley Ellis Devereaux on this great project and thanks for letting us be a part of it.

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