What does your first drone video look like?

over 1 year ago by Airstoc Team

For most of us, when we start flying drones, our first videos are extremely exciting for us and might even get a nod from friends and family but really, they might be a bit boring for everyone else. Well, this is definitely not the case for Dmitry Bubonets... 

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Dmitry is a Russian photographer that took these amazing images on a trip to Norway and Iceland and the beauty and simplicity of the end result is simply stunning. 

It is a trend that we see again and again: pro photographer turned pilot vs rc enthusiast turned pilot. Out of the two almost always the photographer takes the better shots, which means for all us techies, we need to practise practise practise photography :)

Dmitry will soon have these shots for sale on Airstoc as stock he assured me but for now, enjoy the video.



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