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Dolmenes de Menga , Viera y Romeral en Antequera

The Dolmen de Menga is in the Spanish town of Antequera (Málaga). It is a dolmen floor veranda and almost rectangular. The area considered burial chamber, the background consists of seven ortostatos (stones forming the wall) on each side and one at the bottom. The set is covered with five large blankets (stones forming the ceiling), the latter the largest, about six meters long and seven side and weighing about a hundred and eighty tons being. These ceiling tiles are so huge that three central pillars of square section and got additional support. It is covered, like the other two Antequera monuments, by a mound. It is the largest set of dolmens in Europe exceed that of Stonehenge. It measures 25 meters long, 5 meters wide and 4 meters high. Menga dolmen could be built in the Copper Age, around 2500 BC. C.